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A Brief Introduction to the Manitoba Literacy with ICT Continuum

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face lift by 7-how-7, on Flickr
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Digital Facelifts
Story prediction-p1.jpgWhat do you got that’s hot?

What can you do to give it a digital facelift?

Word Chain Writing piece.

How would you give this activity a digital facelift?

Group worthy tasks.

Staking Out Your Online Space
Where is your online space ?

.....Explore some Wikis & Google sites

History Textbook ~ History Class ~ BYOD ~ BYOTchat ~ iPads & iPods ~ A Wiki of Eduwikis
.....Hand Out/Hand In
... digitally using Showbie

.....Tend Your Walled Garden
... in Edmodo

.....Blogs are
... another strong option
iPhone yarnbomb by LornaWatt, on Flickr
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Wrap up