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Honing Our Craft: Deliberating Pedagogy Session 2

1:00-1:30 Sharing from the team
You can archive our discussion in our shared Google Doc.
This is also where we'll plan our wrap-up session for 8 March 2012.
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1:30-2:00 You Pour, I Choose

Any questions?


Looking back: “What are the teacher moves that make something like this work?”

Act Three

2:00-3:00 Time to Dig In
Design a 3 Acts Mathematical Story Lesson using:

• Dan Meyer's 3 Act Mathematical Story Resources
• Yummy Math
• Try one of Dan's Finish The Story challenges
• one of your own resources. e.g. textbook, old assignments, etc.

(You might also want to look at 3 Acts of a Lousy Mathematical Story.)

3:00-3:30 Sharing Our 3 Acts

- All groups to have one problem solving story in 3 Acts to share with the group - sharing time and feedback.

- Set the Agenda for 8 March 2012.